Corporate Goth Community

Our original forum from the 1990’s has long since retired as various social media and e-list services have come into their own. It is amazing how many long-term friendships have formed over the years.

Here are the places you will find your fellow Corporate Goths lurking – both new and old.

  • Facebook Group – Our official Corporate Goth FB group.
  • Facebook Page – Mostly for liking so others can identify you as Corporate Goth. Use the group for discussion.
  • Discord Server – A member setup a server. Inquire on the Facebook group for link (if still active).

RIP the CorpGoth Yahoo Group! Yahoo retired this service in December 2020. This group had been around since 1999 so worth honorable mention!

Want to meet us in person?

  • Traditionally the CorpGoths hold a dinner during the annual Convergence event to get to better know everyone.
  • The original GothCruise has been a popular event for CorpGoths and was founded by one.