Corporate Goth Survival Guide

If you want to be a freak in the corporate world, these tips may come in handy for the savvy Corporate Goth…

  • Always take advantage of stereotypes that work in your favor and play along.
  • Know, and never cross, the boundaries of tolerance in appearance for your specific profession.
  • Check out how others dress in the company before interviewing.
  • Wean them in – establish mutual respect and then slowly show your true colors (or in this case lack of colors!)
  • Maintain a professional stance. Dress and act appropriately for meetings. Sometimes you need to make sacrifices to stay ahead.
  • To help make sure you are taken seriously try to make your first contact via e-mail or phone.
  • Dress in a manner that is comfortable for your coworkers (within reason). Compromise enough to establish a good working relationship with your coworkers.
  • Speak to your HR representative and learn your rights! Technically I can dress in drag (as long as it is something a woman could wear to work) and legally they can’t say anything to me. Of course that does not mean they will figure out another reason to fire me! So know your rights but also know the limitations of those rights.

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