Welcome to Corporate Goth!

The stereotype of Goths being either unemployed or working in simple jobs, such as mail rooms and record Corporate Gothstores, may fit some, but for others, especially the older Goths, this simply is not an option. Despite the romantic appeal of such a “non-mundane”, life, many of us prefer the comforts that money can provide.

Perhaps we are “sell outs” as we put fashion aside for the sake of our profession, but I like to see these “Corporate Goths” as being intelligent enough to know when to adapt to one’s surroundings to take advantage of the benefits the mundane world can offer. After all, looks alone does not make a Goth.

Of course delving into the corporate world does not necessarily mean we cannot learn to express ourselves in more subtle, yet often quite impressive, ways. This site is dedicated to those who strive to maintain a balance between their individuality and the corporate world. Here we can share fashion ideas and survival tips.

(Note, you may find some of the references here dated, that is because this website is mostly an archive of the original website that started it all back in the 1990s. The Community links are of current, and you can use that to connect with fellow Corporate Goths.)