Knight Security

Knight Security
Knight Security
Freelance Information Security Consultant. Specializing in SIEM correlation content, IR, and staff training.

Grown out of my work within SOCs to understand the needs of monitoring and alerting for in house and external clients. Specializing in SIEM work with HPE’s ArcSight, McAfee’s Nitro SIEMs and focused with experience from firewalls, IDS, IPS, WAF, and Proxy solutions.

My work with BlueCoat, Websense and Palo Alto has had me front and center in building Use Cases for concerns and unknown-risk situations involving End User workstations and the Web. I’ve been in the spotlight with HR and Policy solutions around monitoring web activity and reporting non-security, policy related concerns. I am comfortable in relating to non Security personal, as well as presenting and addressing those stakeholders in an organization that may want Information Security, but who need less of a hands on detail while maintaining the vision and high level knowledge to make decisions.
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San Diego

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